Building a learning environment that meets the instructional needs of all students.


I have had the opportunity to work with a large variety of students in the K-5 instructional environment. As part of my work, I have collaborated with resource and classroom  teachers to create authentic and diverse learning opportunities that integrated technology resources .

Another classroom teacher and I worked together with students to plan an augmented reality experience around the topic of the human body. Students worked in diverse groups and created unique products that users could view with an augmented reality app. We were accepted to showcase this at NCTIES and students were leaders in their display to conference members that viewed their work. The project expanded in subsequent years and encompassed new technologies into the process while the teacher then went on to lead her grade level to apply in future years to present their project based learning units that integrated technology. arbody

I’m So Muscular– This sample is an one creative production using iMovie by a group of 5th grade students that then used a muscle as the trigger for an augmented experience.

Augmented Reality at Brooks– Other Augmented Reality productions by students have included creation of book trailers for our media centers at the schools that I have supported.


Puerto Rico Rising Project– An impromptu project arose out of our AM Innovations in grade 5. A group of girls wanted to collect donations for the Puerto Rico hurricane victims. We worked through the design process of empathizing with the victims, defining their needs, ideating how to proceed, creating prototypes of flyers and a video that aired to the whole school. We then met to volunteer to sort the donations at an established location by the Puerto Rico Rising group.  



BYOD Persuasive Piece– When students wanted to convince administration that BYOD was THE way to go for the school, they turned their persuasive writing assignment into a production that contributed to the success of being able to be part of the very next BYOD cohort group in Wake County.

Sportsmanship– Our BEH students in one school worked on Character Ed Trailers one morning a week, with their teachers in a small group setting. Students worked together to create a plan, scripts and filming schedule. They then pieced everything together and these were featured on our weekly news show.