I have numerous experiences providing leadership and professional development in a variety of formats and audiences. I have created differentiated professional development at the school level that allows teachers choices in what area they pursue as well as the format. I have included links to staff development that I used at the school level in which teachers to learn at their own pace, interest and abilities .


I also have provided professional development at the district and state levels with a number of other instructional technology leaders in our district. The following links include presentations done at a Leadership Symposium for principals, Convergence Symposiums, NCTIES Conference, as well as a link to webinar that I did for Seesaw:

School Level Tech Challenges- These differentiated challenges allowed staff to explore different resources for their professional pursuits and classroom instruction. They were able to pick and choose from a menu of items and received “badge” type recognition for each challenge that they completed.

Google Tools – Convergence Spring 2018- A collaborative PD session with other leaders on utilizing the various parts of Google to create a portfolio of resources.

Conducting Powerful Student Learning with Seesaw– Digital Portfolio Sessions 2018- I was one of a series of presenters that provided resources and information about the options available with Seesaw and demonstrated ways it can be utilized as part of digital portfolios.

Find Your Perfect Tech Mate– Convergence Fall 2017- Collaborative session with a variety of technology resources and information in a speed dating style format.

Tech Contact 101– Convergence Fall 2017- PD session delivered with another veteran technology facilitator in which we provided the most up-to-date information about the basics of being a Technology Contact in Wake County Public Schools.

Facilitating Teaching & Learning Through Collaboration– Convergence Fall 2017- I joined five other instructional leaders from Wake County to provide one of the six centers that participants visited to experience various ideas and insights to creating a collaborative environment in schools.

A Recipe for Successful Learner Agency– Summer Leadership Conference 2017-  This collaborative PD session provided three different rounds of learning on the 4Cs, digital portfolios and communication as well as a variety resources and a final “deeper dive” to allow participants to learn more on a topic of their choosing.

Speed Dating with Seesaw- Making the 4Cs Come Alive with Seesaw– Convergence Spring 2017- A mix of instructional technology leaders and classroom teachers that presented in a Speed Dating Format that allowed participants to get a taste of each part of the 4Cs that Seesaw plays well into and then they could choose which area to revisit on a 5th round, called a 2nd Date.

Endless Possibilities with Seesaw– NCTIES 2017- As an accepted presenter, I and another Wake County teacher presented a variety of methods in which schools can empower learners and increase communication with families. This hands-on session provided opportunities for teachers to experience the platform as a learner and set up their own accounts.

The 4Cs with Seesaw-Seesaw PD in Your PJs– Webinar on Seesaw- A 20 minute webinar on utilizing Seesaw in the classroom to facilitate the 4Cs in schools. Webinar included question and answer time at the end.

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