Many years ago I designed the layout of this site and brainstormed the title. I kept thinking about what I wanted this forum to offer to myself and others through my reflections. Part of the process of reflecting is thinking about what is good, what is great, and what things you want to change or improve. “Outside the Box” has multiple meanings in that realm as well as others in my life.


As a child, I always wanted to be “outside the box” of a physical house. I wanted to be running, exploring, and having adventures. I still enjoy running, biking, swimming, hiking, and traveling for the unique experiences as well as to meet new people along the way. When I am not outside in nature, I enjoy an escape to new lands and adventures through reading.


In my personal and professional life I have always been a planner that needs new and creative ways to solve problems. I am rarely content to just remain status quo for too long, especially if it is clear that something is not working. I think that is how I decided that education is where I wanted to go. I have always been able to collaborate with others to find answers to problems through the continuous cycle of learning. Teaching keeps me connected to the important work that we do in partnership with our students. 


I continue to grow through learning and reflecting as well as mentoring in areas such as education, digital learning integration, running, and fitness. I have had the good fortune of working with new runners, as well as novice and veteran teachers to support their growth and reflection.  This part of my life entails helping others to find the bumps in the road and think outside of the problem to find solutions. I have to thank my family and all of the communities in which I am involved, for the encouragement to push through rough roads in order to learn and grow!